Overseas qualifications

If you have a construction related qualification that was awarded outside the UK and is not currently recognised by CSCS you should contact UK NARIC. UK NARIC will review your qualification and determine whether or not it is comparable to an NVQ, SVQ or an approved qualification appropriate to your occupation.

If UK NARIC confirms that your qualification is an acceptable alternative to a UK awarded qualification which is recognised by CSCS then you should email the following to customerservice@cscs.co.uk

  1. UK NARIC Statement of Comparability
  2. Primary Source Verification Letter (required if you apply to UK NARIC on or after 1st October 2017)
  3. Copy of your original qualification (preferably translated)
  4. Fully completed CSCS application form, including which occupation you wish to apply for (full list found here).

Once this information is received CSCS will review your application and if all the documents are correct we will decide whether your qualification is suitable for a CSCS card.

NOTE: From October 2017, UK NARIC will be introducing a new application process for applicants with overseas qualifications. Read more here.